Kaabo Creates Some Fresh Design Updates

From: 2021-02-23 11:56:12

As we told you, the new year is going to be a time of big changes for Kaabo. Springing off of the back of many of the final 2020 changes, such as our new factory space, Kaabo is going in to 2021 with outstanding dedication and performance.

We are making the most of what we are capable of to further improve the Kaabo name around the world. With new levels of capacity and improved staff performance, Kaabo is on the path to reach all new heights.

In our previous blog posts, we mentioned that we have capabilities to meet outstanding new levels of productions for our increased demand around the world.

Kaabo electric scooters are being recognized across the globe for their premium build quality and outstanding performance. Across the board, our electric scooters offer a riding experience like no other. 

Now, starting the new Year of the Ox, we are happy to share some exciting new designs with our community and share what we have in store. Follow along with our latest upgrades here on our site and through our social platforms.

Below you will find the new render of the Kaabo Mantis sport wheel, designed for improved aesthetics and will also improve the thermals of the motors.

Additionally, we are teasing the new design of a long-awaited accessory for the world's most favorite dual motor electric scooter.


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