Happy New Year! Kaabo Pushes to Be the Top E-scooter Manufacturer of 2021

From:Kaabo Team 2020-12-31 18:08:06

Around the world, people have been affected by the unplanned circumstances of 2020. We wish that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times. As we move out of 2020 and into the new year, Kaabo wants to wish everyone a happy new year and we hope that all of your New Year goals can come true.

Along with supporting our international Kaabo community, we want to share some of the exciting developments that have happened for Kaabo at the end of 2020 to boost all of us into 2021 with our heads held high.

Kaabo Focuses on Personal Health and Sustainability 

One of our missions since the company's foundation was to provide an intuitive and environmentally friendly mode of transportation to people around the world. Taking electric transport reduces overall carbon emissions and provides a fast-paced commuter mode. 

In 2020, it has become apparent that personal space and social distancing is crucial for our health and wellbeing. E-scooters answer the call for private transportation and provide powerful alternatives to using public transport. Skip the bus or train and get behind the bars of your own electric scooter that will take you where you need to go and avoid the crowds. 

Kaabo Moves to a New Factory

This year, we have seen a drastic increase in international scooter orders. This has led to our Kaabo HQ team to find a brand new manufacturing facility for us to keep up with the high volumes of new orders. 

We are now more capable than ever to increase the production of all of our electric scooter models and further increase the quality control and safety designs of the e-scooter. 

The new factory is equipped with outstanding new tools and staffed by our dedicated Kaabo team members to ensure that each scooter is built with absolute care.

The Wolf Warrior X

Our most exciting announcement for the end of 2020 was the brand new Wolf Warrior X. This is the more compact and modernized version of the Wolf Warrior 11. 

The Wolf Warrior X is suitable for those that are looking for all-terrain performance, while maintaining a small footprint. Once of the nicest new features on the X is the new folding mechanism to save extra space when properly folded and stored.

The Wolf Warrior X also has a new lighting feature that is controlled via a paired app on your phone! Look out for this feature on new Kaabo models in the future.

Safety is Our Priority

Riders around the world have expressed that Kaabo is focused more than ever before on the safety and construction of our e-scooters.

One of the biggest changes to our e-scooters is the brand new Mantis stem V3. This stem features a new locking mechanism that further supports structural integrity and durability in the long run. This also adds further control over the e-scooter when riding at high speeds.

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