United States Cities Expand Their E-Scooter Networks

From: 2020-10-20 16:18:19

One of the biggest breakthroughs in United States e-scooter regulation recently is the newest expansion of e-scooters in New York city. Due to the small footprint of e-scooters and the amazing range of e-scooters like our at Kaabo, commuters are continuing to explore the outstanding benefits of e-scooters in the city.

E-scooters have gradually increased in sales in the last few months. Riders around the United States have seen the increasing benefits of using e-scooters for commuting. Additionally, e-scooters allow riders have the benefits of avoiding crowded public transport in the bustling cities. 

Kaabo is looking into the emerging American market, with a brand new United States Official partnership in the pipeline. We will be working alongside their team to provide premium e-scooters to their USA based customers. Additionally, we will build a network of USA distributors to reach our customers regardless of their location n the United States.

At Kaabo, our mission is to capitalize on the emerging e-scooter market and provide the masses with the high-performance e-scooters that they need. Around the world, people are seeing the benefits of using e-scooters in their daily lives. Kaabo is driven to Go Beyond and offer only the best options for their decisions. 

Find out more about the recent developments in the Unites States e-scooter world from this article: 


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