Kaabo Pushes for E-Scooter Riding Safety

From: 2020-09-08 16:00:00

Due to the recent news in the e-scooter community, Kaabo wants to issue a message of sincere grief and dedication to the e-scooter community. While many companies are trying to push boundaries in design and functionality, many forget one of the most crucial points of e-scooters, safety.

Kaabo is dedicated to our user base and the e-scooter community as a whole. We are currently working harder than ever to maintain premium quality standards in our factories and inspections from our international partners.

To ensure that our riders are as safe as possible out in the streets, we urge the importance of quality control on our production team.

We also stress to our riders to maintain safe riding habits while out on the road.

• The most important is to wear safety gear, especially a helmet.

• Maintain appropriate speeds for the road situation and your abilities.

• Utilize the high visibility LED lighting and turn signals when riding in dark/nighttime conditions.

• Pay close attention to the weather and gauge whether it is appropriate riding conditions for your e-scooter.

There are countless measures that riders can take to ensure that they are riding safely out on the road and on off-road trails.

Kaabo will continue to Go Beyond to provide some of the safest features found on any e-scooter. We hope that you riders also stay safe out in your adventures and promote safe riding to those around you. E-scooters are a bright future in transportation, but proper safety measures also promote greatness for our community!

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