E-Scooter Share Revolution

From: 2020-08-05 12:48:23

Around the world, there is a rise in the popularity of ride sharing in the form of e-scooters. E-scooters have maneuverability, sizing, and performance that allows people to use them for short distance travel as effectively as other transportation methods.

Large companies and small have taken the initiative to start pursuing the benefits of e-scooter sharing, offering accessible scooters to the masses for daily use. Combining the efforts of riders and community members to charge the e-scooters, scooter sharing has become a profitable business. The global presence of e-scooter sharing companies has boosted this to a billion-dollar market.

With the ever-rising push for green transportation and environmental reform, eyes are turning to e-scooters as highly sustainable replacements. Modern e-scooters offer the performance and capabilities to operate for daily commuting for first and last mile travels. Riders can use these scooters to get to work from their homes, get to and from the train or bus, and many more options.

Ride sharing means that people do not have to physically own an e-scooter, yet have access to a daily or monthly payment option to use them as a loaner. This is a great way for people to test out the amazing capabilities of electric scooters and transportation and show the masses the positive improvements that an e-scooter can have on their daily commute. Ride sharing opens up a world of possibilities for many people in their daily lives. This is why there is an increasing push for e-scooter ride sharing around the world and why many big ticked companies like Uber or Lyft are investing so much time and attention to this emerging market.

Kaabo is driven to go beyond the basic needs for commuting to make high performance models that can offer speed, range, and handling that goes unrivaled by basic scooter share models. Kaabo products are engineered to offer outstanding quality and performance that can even provide longer-distance travelling compared to a basic commuting scooter.

With Kaabo, dealers will be proud to offer scooters for individuals or for ride sharing that allows for all-terrain capabilities, high performance motors, and a tuned and safe frame with suspension. All of these unique qualities of Kaabo scooters make a big difference for daily driving and have the potential to take the scooter share market by storm! 

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