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From: 2020-06-23 19:24:33

Kaabo can now build a new website page in order to help your brand!

As we recently mentioned in our last article, the individual transport market is now a trend around the world due to the epidemic and now, Kaabo team is putting a lot of effort to provide high quality products to our partners and customers. In addition, Kaabo's marketing team is providing assistance to distributors all over the world and website is one of the most basic tools to improve your marketing strategies and is one of the benefits that our marketing team can provide.

Kaabo can now build a new website page for you. 

1. Distributor’s website will have the same design and layout as the current Kaabo official website, in order to keep the brand identity.

2.  The distributor can access the system and change the information on the website anytime, such as text, pictures and videos.

3. The distributors can list the product price according to their own market quotation on the website.

4. If a customer places an order on your website, you can collect the money straight away from the website system and manage the shipping process in a way that better serves you.

5. The website can be developed in several languages: English, German, French, Spanish and other languages to meet the requirements of our global distributors.

6. You only need to provide basic infodomain name, paypal and other relevant basic information, the remain details and all the structure will be executed by kaabo's marketing team.

7.  The whole project can be completed in about 2 weeks with no big changes.

With practical actions, Kaabo team can provide professional marketing assistance and honest cooperation mindset to our distributors and we believe that we can bring great benefit and support to our distributors all over the world with Marketing & Sales assistance. From China to the world. 

Kaabo is really looking forward to work with you!