Announcement about Kaabo’s employee turnover

From:Kaabo Team 2020-05-19 18:07:16

Dear Kaabo partners and customers,

At first, thank you for your trust and support to this company! The company’s statement regarding the personnel change can be found at this message:

Michael Sha, the company's former sales manager, has officially left on April 30th 2020, and his personal conduct and comments on social networks are not related to this company official statements since the date of his departure, nevertheless we would like to thank him for his dedication by the time he has been working with us.

Kaabo has assigned Marry Wang as the new company's FACEBOOK head, and for any clarification or information related to our company’s Facebook page, please reach Mrs. Wang through the following channels: 

Marry Wang
Ningbo Kaabo Technology Co., Ltd
Add: Wangchun Industrial Park, #885 Chunhua Road, Ningbo, China
Tel: 0574-8832 0008 Mob:+86-183 6840 7219

Thank you once again for your support to Kaabo! 

Kaabo team


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