Our Story

Our story has started in 2013. In this year, we realized how big would be the changes at the short-distance transportation market. We can name a lot of those vehicles, such as electric unicycles, electric balance vehicles, electric scooters and other smart new folding vehicles.

During our path to reach the progress, we gradually focused on electric scooters because scooters are the most traffic-carrying type of such products, while other models are more or less entertaining. The mobility attributes of electric scooters determine the size of the market. Facts proved that our judgment was correct.

Since 2016, the electric scooter market has become increasingly competitive. In this process, we also predicted that the high power and strength electric scooters belongs to the blue ocean market, and by the time, there wasn’t many manufacturers at the market.

High power electric scooters have gained great feedback in the market and in a short period of time we were able to get orders and partners from more than 30 countries.

After 7 years of development, Kaabo has accumulated more than 40 patents, especially in terms of how to maintain the stability and safety of the vehicle under high speed and long battery life. We have obtained a lot of practical data to ensure the quality of the product. In 2020, due the worldwide pandemic crisis, people in many countries are cautious about choosing public transportation. Electric scooters are a good choice for personal travel. We uphold the goal of providing excellent products around the world, with environmental protection, safety and portability as the product vision, hoping that Kaabo’s product can bring more fun rides to more and more people.

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Our Product

Our products include two categories: city travel and outdoor off-road.

City travel type: Skywalker

Their characteristics are portability and easy operation.

  • The motors of these products are mainly under 500 watts, weighing under 15 kg, and the cruising range within 50 km
  • Suitable for city travel and short distance transportation.

Outdoor off-road: Mantis

Their characteristics are powerful and fun driving.

  • The motor of this type of product can reach a maximum of 1,000 watts, with a range of more than 60 kilometers and a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour.
  • This type of product is suitable for people who are looking for fun while driving, such as in the city or outdoor off-road.

Core advantages for Kaabo products

In terms of product structure, from the perspective of safety and practicality, we have carried out structural improvement on vehicle folding, handle folding, and vehicle tube impact under different working environments, which has greatly improved the portability and reliability of the product.
In terms of product electrical control, from the perspective of economy, energy saving, safety, and comfort, differentiated intelligent management of individual batteries of lithium battery packs, and a "sinusoidal controller + vector motor" control system is used for motor technology. The most advanced magnetic field-oriented vector control technology is adopted to overcome the unfavorable factors such as uneven magnetic field distribution of the motor and incorrect position sensor angle,which makes the operation of the motor and controller more efficient, more reliable and smoother, making the riding more comfortable and safe.

Kaabo has accumulated more than 40 patents in the past 7 years of development, and now has become an important force in the global electric scooter. Kaabo has become the global electric scooter leader.